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2013-09-12 17:39

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Analysis of Algorithms

Quiz on Analysis of Algorithms

Quiz on Recurrences

Searching and Sorting

Quiz on Sorting

Quiz on Searching

Greedy Algorithms

Dynamic Programming

See Dynamic Programming Tag for more problems, Quiz on Dynamic Programming

Pattern Searching

Other String Algorithms


Divide and Conquer

See this for more, Quiz on Divide and Conquer

Geometric Algorithms

Mathematical Algorithms

Bit Algorithms

Quiz on Bit Algorithms

Graph Algorithms

Introduction, DFS and BFS:

Minimum Spanning Tree:

Shortest Paths:


Hard Problems:

Maximum Flow:


Quiz on Graph
Quiz on Graph Traversals
Quiz on Graph Shortest Paths
Quiz on Graph Minimum Spanning Tree

Randomized Algorithms


Quizzes on Algorithms


Please see Data Structures and Advanced Data Structures for Graph, Binary Tree, BST and Linked List based algorithms.

We will be adding more categories and posts to this page soon.

You can create a new Algorithm topic and discuss it with other geeks using Geeksforgeeks Q&A page. See already discussed Algorithm questions on forum.